Seattle Homeschool Group

In-person & online community for Greater Seattle area homeschoolers. Give a little, get a lot.

In-person & online community for Greater Seattle area homeschoolers.  Give a little, get a lot.

The Seattle Homeschool Group (SHG) is

  1. a community of families

  2. that live and homeschool in the Greater Seattle area

  3. and make personally significant contributions to the SHG community at large.

How To Join-In The SHG Community

There is no formal membership in SHG & everyone’s involvement looks different, which is a cool thing! The Yahoo Group (YG) online forum is where events are listed and the newsletter/calendars are distributed.  Additionally, it provides a rich source of topical discussions on all things homeschooling- think of it as a colorful notice board over a couch full of homeschoolers engrossed in conversation. The list is moderated & has rules intended to support, cultivate, and augment a thriving, in-person community. To subscribe, first attend an SHG event so you can be verified as a real person & start to make connections. Our Newcomer Welcoming volunteers would be happy to help you find a public SHG event that is easy for your family to attend & greet you there.

FAQ: With all the homeschooling resources in Seattle, what is unique about SHG?

Good question. Ask eleven SHGers & you’ll get eleven different answers. And yet a recurring theme seems to reveal itself in many accounts, that the culture of contribution in concert with the in-person & online community, is a nourishing recipe for a vibrant group of vested families. You can expect good things from a collection of homeschoolers that all plan to give something to one another & have a good chance of seeing each other. Plus SHG has a very long history with a deep well of information to draw from. And because we are all locals in the thick of homeschooling, our roots are planted in support of each other on our homeschooling journeys. Hear it from the source on the Member Words on SHG page.

More About SHG

We invite all homeschooling families in the Seattle area who want to contribute to the group's in-person activities to join us. This group includes families of any homeschooling philosophy, religious, or other belief. Religion is outside of the scope of this group. SHG does not have a board and does not exist as an organization.  Rather, it is a colorful collection of parents who volunteer to support one another while homeschooling.  Our goal is provide a nonjudgmental, supportive community in which homeschooling families actively participate and facilitate regular social and educational opportunities for the group.

This group runs with unpaid volunteers (busy parents just like you) and each volunteer does the job as he or she sees fit.  

Our Yahoo Group is intended to augment a thriving in-person community.  It is not intended solely as a virtual community.

SHG thrives via a culture of contribution, potluck-style.  The expectation in joining the Yahoo Group is that you will contribute one personally significant thing to the SHG community at large at least once a year.  “Personally significant” means that it is a contribution that is significant to you,  the contributor - contributing according to your means.  An event-contribution must be an opportunity that appears on the SHG Yahoo Group or in the SHG newsletter.  If you are unsure what it means to contribute to the community at large, consider perhaps that your contribution could benefit at least one person you don’t already know.

Contributing to the community could be a major volunteer job, like serving as newsletter editor or treasurer.  Or it might be offering one field trip or play date to the group at large.  It might mean being a major volunteer for a group-wide event like the Harvest Party or the Not Back to School Park Day.  Or it could be hosting a Moms’ or Parents’ Night Out.  It can be a behind the scenes volunteer role such as cleaning up after a big event, coordinating Puyallup Fair tickets, writing an article for the newsletter, maintaining the web site, or assembling the directory. Your contribution may be posted to other Yahoo Groups or groups in addition to SHG’s Yahoo Group and/or newsletter.  See the Contribution pages for a plethora of ideas on flexible ways to contribute.

Everyone goes through rough patches.  Communities support one another through the hard times.  If you are having one and can’t contribute, that’s okay.  Maybe you can do extra when the rough patch is over.

It can also be daunting to contribute your first year as a homeschooler.  And it can really help you make connections and get to know people if you do reach out and offer an event during that first year.  The more you offer, the more people you will meet and the more likely you are to find meaningful connections to support you on your homeschooling path.

Are you thinking, “Oh my goodness, does that mean I have to be willing to host an event for hundreds of people?”  The answer is:  no!  You can offer an event to the whole group and cap it at 5 or 10 or 50.  Whatever makes you comfortable and suits the nature of the event.

While we are “members” of a shared Yahoo Group, there is no formal “membership” in SHG.  What being part of this community means will vary from person to person and year to year.  

Read more FAQ's about SHG & also its few rules on the SHG FAQ page.