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In-person & online community for Greater Seattle area homeschoolers. Give a little, get a lot.

In-person & online community for Greater Seattle area homeschoolers.  Give a little, get a lot.

Yahoo Group: the Fine Print

A message from the volunteer moderators...

You may have all noticed this rule amongst our Yahoo Group Rules:  

This email group is intended to contribute to the support and connection of SHG families. This email group is for information relating to homeschooling only.  

The purpose behind this rule is a hope that we can strike that delicate balance between focusing our conversation in a way to help promote a supportive environment for all of our families on our homeschooling journeys and avoid a chilling effect where we are afraid to post for fear it might not comply with the rules.

Since a moderated list is new to SHG and we moderators are volunteers and oft weary homeschooling parents, we hope you will have some patience with us while we help figure it out.  Likewise, we plan to work with folks to help focus posts on those things that support and inform us in our homeschooling.

To that end, here are some pleases and no thanks to help further define the boundaries of the list.

Please share performance dates and information so that we can see your children and/or their friends and/or anyone with skill and talent that might interest us.  

Please share important celebrations, worries, questions, wonderings, and thoughts about homeschooling.

Please share field trips, educational opportunities, resources, and recommendations relevant to homeschooling generally.

Please ask questions about curricula, behavior, nuts and bolts of homeschooling or navigation of the homeschooling requirements of our state and local government.

Please introduce yourself and your family anytime you feel inspired to do so.

Please use this Yahoo Group as a tool to get to know one another, build relationships, and make connections.  While we hope you will find many ways to meet each other in person, we also know that with our geographical reach, it’s unlikely that everyone will get together every week.  This Yahoo Group is a great tool for finding people who share your family’s interests or live in your neighborhood.

Please share book recommendations, reviews, poetry, and other literary and literacy-building resources.

Please share art and music, art and music shows and performances, art and music resources and recommendations.

Please ask if you want to get involved, contribute, or otherwise wish to feel a part of the group and want help in figuring that out.  There are many wise parents on this list who have creative ideas and who can help you find ways to do what you aim to do.  

Please share opportunities for families and kids to gather for fun, social time, learning together, playing together, adventuring together, and getting to know each other.

Please thank volunteers, celebrate accomplishments, and cheer for one another.

No thanks to political posts other than those that relate to homeschooling legality.  While we totally get that politics is an important part of the homeschooling life of so many people, we also see how it can cause discord and injure relationships, especially when offered in the context of a group email.  Please save discussions of politics and your political perspectives with friends in person or in another online venue.

No thanks to posts about religion.  Posts offering a curricula about religious studies?  That’s probably fine.  Posts advocating a perspective informed by a religious doctrine should be saved for in person conversations or other online venues.

No thanks for vaccine discussions and debates.  This has proven to be divisive in the past for our group.  

Maybe you now wonder, how hard and fast are these rules?  For now, they are pretty firm.  We’ll do our best to let you know if something doesn’t fit within the scope of the structure of this list.  Our goal in creating rules at all was to increase understanding of one another, increase the richness of our community, and create a space that is civil, supportive, and safe.  That’s not to say that as a group we cannot at some point create a process for evaluating our rules and enhancing our environment.  And your moderators don’t intend to stay in this role forever.  But while we get our bearings, we plan to follow the rules of the list to give them a fair chance to work for everyone.

And remember:  You have other options!  If you want to communicate any of the “no thanks” subjects to homeschooling friends, there are other places where those subjects are or may be permitted:

In-person conversations.

Any other Yahoo Groups, Facebook groups, or other social media groups to which you belong.

Unmoderated Yahoo Groups:








To join any of these unmoderated groups, please contact Scott Steinhorst at:

And more that are not SHG-specific that you can find on the Other Resources page.